Who are we?

Pihatt Coffee was born out of a passion for specialty-grade coffee, a devotion to aromatic flavor, and a commitment to superior coffee quality. The name “Pihatt” is derived from our core belief in “passionate, aromatic, tasteful” coffee. Our company’s quest is to bring premium gourmet coffee products to coffee lovers across the world.

Our inspiration stems from the ancient basaltic mountains of Cau Dat and Di Linh, Vietnam – where the optimally moist climate gives rise to the most naturally lush and distinctly unique coffee species: Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa, and Catimor. Inspired by the natural qualities of each coffee, we strive to source, roast, and deliver the experience of organic Vietnamese coffee infused with fragrance and fullness to every region of the globe.

What makes our coffee special?

Perched at 1,500 meters above sea level and overlooking pristine beaches, rustic mountains, and tropical rainforests, Cau Dat is the source of our Arabica and Catimor coffee variety. This
idyllic location embodies the perfect blend of a temperate climate, nutrient-rich soil, and favorable rainfall to hydrate and nurture the finest coffee trees. The Arabica trees were imported to Vietnam by French colonialists
during the early 1900s. Over generations of special care and cultivation, the coffee plantation today yields the most superb and flavorful coffee beans without compromising its natural attributes.




medium-non-BGWhen it comes to cultivating our Robusta and Excelsa coffee products, we look to the famous central highlands of Di Linh, Vietnam. Elevated at around 700 meters above sea level, this region is lush with unique flora and fauna. Our distinctive coffee species are sustained by optimal rainfall upon iron-rich soil. Meticulous cultivation methods are undertaken where our Arabica, Robusta, and Excelsa coffee beans are hand-picked, density-graded, triple-sorted, washed, and polished to perfection. Primary and secondary processing both relies on the most cutting-edge modern equipment, facilities, and techniques.

All of our products are GMO-free, organic, and natural.

When it comes to making quality coffee, we always strive to bring out the following in our products:


  • Intense flavor with low acidity
  • Smooth, chocolatey and caramel notes (never bitter!)
  • Medium roast (never burnt!)
  • Fuller-bodied taste achieved by blending varieties


What does our company stand for?


premium-non-BGOur business is built on a labor of love – for superior coffee and for sharing the coffee experience. Thus, we strongly endorse the following values:


  • Green agriculture: we forge relations with producers who honor the earth. We use recyclable shipping material.
  • Biodiversity: we seek and support a wide range of coffee varieties at different tropical locations.
  • Environmental awareness: we perform ethical practices with environmental stewardship (we aspire to cultivate land, not destroy).
  • Human compassion and responsibility: we are in direct trade with farmers and gatherers.
  • Coffee made from excellence: at the heart of it all, we believe in
    delicious, rich, and aromatic coffee.

Governed by our firm commitment to fostering direct, transparent, and sustainable relationships with our producers and distributors, Pihatt Coffee    endeavors to usher in a new age of exceptional coffee quality and flavor.



About our Products




special-non-BGCoffee arabica in Cau Dat has fragrant white flowers that bloom during the wet spring and again in drier months. Small, green oblong fruits—called “cherries”—arise from the flowers and take a delicate 7-9 months to ripen into charming seeds. These seeds are then meticulously harvested and roasted to produce the Arabica coffee beverage—marked by its superior quality and smooth, caramel-richness in taste. Although Arabica coffee accounts for 75-80 percent of the world’s coffee production, our variety is unique in terms of cultivation. Over 10,000 acres of coffee are grown at our source in Cau Dat. Within these mountain villages, generations of proud farmers have learned to carefully harvest these beans as they ripen. By combining modern equipment with age-old cultivation techniques, we have refined the agricultural process to yield the most sophisticated selection of Arabica coffee. Our Arabica coffee is made of the highest quality beans, characterized by its smooth, buttery, caramel flavor (note our “Premium Pihatt” selection).




Our Robusta coffee trees are grown 700 meters above sea level in Di Linh, Vietnam. As the name implies, this “robust” plant can grow under a variety of conditions. Not only are they less susceptible to disease, the Robusta variety is easy to care for, ample in crop yield, loaded with caffeine (30% more than Arabica!), and packed with abundant anti-oxidants. Our Robusta beans are grown in ideal conditions, handled and processed with great care. These particular Robusta beans produce a strong, chocolatey, full-bodied taste with a distinctly earthy flavor. Our roasted Robusta type is complex in fragrance, especially when blended with Arabica (note our “Regular Pihatt” selection).


Excelsa and Catimor


Excelsa coffee—otherwise known as “Chari” coffee—also yields from the Di Linh region, where special care is taken to harvest these unique beans. Although this variety accounts for only 1% of the world’s coffee production, great use can be made with this selection. Excelsa coffee is naturally bright and fruity with little caffeine. During the roasting process, these beans are often blended with our Robusta and Arabica varieties to produce a “balanced” selection that is fruity, dark, and mysterious in taste (note our “Medium Pihatt” selection).


Catimor coffee is an Arabica cultivar that is usually darker and more sharply flavored. Catimor can be used to “punch up” other flavors. When blended with our Arabica or Robusta varieties, a complex and strong, aromatic flavor is generated (note our “Special Pihatt” selection).